Selecting the perfect ‘Grey’

Grey is a timeless neutral which makes it a favourite among designers, real estate stagers and homeowners.

When a customer is selecting a grey, our main question for them is, “Do you want a warm grey or a cool grey.” Although grey is traditionally an achromatic colour, which means it lacks hue, when it comes to paint colours there are very few true greys.

Benjamin Moores true grey, in our opinion, is 2124-40 Thundercloud Gray shown in the picture as the top left. This grey still has a slight blue undertone making it lean more towards a cool colour, but it appears neutral in most spaces. It would be the closest to a classic cement grey tone.

Underneath, we have a warm grey, Benjamin Moores HC-168 Chelsea Gray. Chelsea Gray is deeper in tone and has a green hue which makes it appear warmer. This colour is popular choice for exterior and to use as an accent colour in warm spaces.

The top right grey is a favourite of mine, Benjamin Moores Paper White OC-55. Paper White is a light grey with just a hint of warmth. Again, this colour has SLIGHT green hue making it warmer. Green hues work well with most lighting.

Next, we have a popular greige, Benjamin Moores Classic Gray OC-23. Classic Gray is a light beige with grey undertones. This colour works well if your space has a lot of warm colours, yellows, reds and oranges. Its a popular choice for those who are having a hard time letting go of the yellow and beige era but still want a more modern feel.

If you have cool LED bulbs you may want to select a cooler grey. Our last selection is a deep cool grey, Black Pepper 2130-40. Because of the depth of this colour, it is a popular exterior, cabinet and accent colour.

Our main piece of advise when selecting a grey is to bring chips home. The way a colour looks in our store is not the way it will look in your space, with your lighting and your things.


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